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Inteli4 was founded in 2013 in the United States with the purpose to provide service to a large Japanese company in the Oil and Gas sector. It is a part of Intelisum South America, sharing the same high standard procedures and technologies in 3D Laser Scanner since 2009. Both companies are meeting the most complex scanning challenges in the construction and energy industries. We perform 3D services in data collection, dimensional control and virtual assembly.

Since the beginning Inteli4 has brought new standards to industries such as construction, engineering, design, infrastructure, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and as built requirements. Inteli4 distinguishes itself by its excellent performance, high quality management and the efficiency and innovation in its operational performance. Our goal is to provide top quality and best practices in all our services as we also provide consulting services related to 3D Laser Scanning.


Our mission
Create and deliver innovative solutions in data acquisition, engineering, and industrial design and assembly support by establishing long-term relationships with clients and employees, always contributing to the continued development of professional, human and technological standards.

Who we are
Since 2009 Intelisum/Inteli4 has served large companies in the oil and gás sector in Brazil. Through the years our team has acquired a great reputation in 3D scanning and post-processing across a variety of industries.

We strive to keep our relationships and activities in compliance with high standards both legally and ethically, resulting in strong relationships between our team and our clients. These relationships then allow for the improvement of processes and cultivation of integrity, commitment and trust, with continued reinvestment in the ongoing improvement of our clients’ activities. We also strive to help our clients achieve a high level of success with our Zero Error Processes.


Inteli4 created the Zero Error Program due to our commitment to “make it right” in all phases of any project. It begins with the study of the client’s practices, identification of faults and proposed solutions. It generates a workflow that points out the necessary interventions and technological definitions, methods of control as well as required outputs (reports) during different phases of a project.

Our purpose is to give our clients a clear understanding of the advantages and benefits of this type of analysis and to facilitate practical insight into differing stages of work, as well as the possible solutions needed in cases of failure in project, fabrication or construction & assembly.