Property Development

3D Data Collection solution is used in several phases of planning, project management and construction and greatly helps with the management of quality, accuracy, monitoring, documentation, maintenance and as builts.

The full 3D Model collaborates in unparalleled ways with traditional systems regardless of the phase of the construction and provides real-world capture in 3D (installed reality). This makes the current stage of construction easy to understand and also helps a team make solid decisions due to the integration of all project components.

Immediately after data collection our clients have the following advantages:

  • Physical and visual identification,dimensional data of all areas and collected elements
  • Easy plans, sections and details with precision from 2 to 4mm
  • All data and modeling available to the client and their engineers, architects and designers
  • Greater precision for budgets and much better accuracy to measure floors, coatings and furniture
  • All data will be available until the end of the project supporting the whole process, budget, construction and assembly.
  • Great time savings in data evaluation and preparation of drawings
  • Significant cost savings in all the above mentioned areas
  • With a 3D Laser Scanner all nuances of an environment can be captured, “Whatever the eye sees it can be captured.”

The advantages above are not possible using traditional and typical manual surveys, where you have:

  • Low data detailing
  • Delays in surveying
  • Much lower levels of precision
  • Much higher levels of error and risk
  • Increases in time spent and associated costs.